Our goal is to augment the approach scientific entrepreneurs adopt and afford them an ecosystem that facilitates innovation and rapid growth while ensuring investments efficiency. 
With a well established network in Canada and abroad, and a support and coaching programs, we have succeeded in supporting over 100 companies, to date, which collectively secured over $500 million in financing.
The CQIB offers several programs, benefits and support services for entrepreneurship, financing and business development in collaboration with a large network of partners

Programme de pré-incubation : valider votre projet d’entreprise

  • Validation technico-commerciale, analyse de marché, évaluation managériale, brevabilité, révision du plan d’affaires ou du pitch 

  • Entre 10 et 20 heures de services conseil à tarif réduit ou sans frais via nos partenaires 

  • Développement de votre preuve de concept en laboratoire

  • Location d’un espace de laboratoire pour quelques heures par semaine admissible au programme MITACS, PARI, bon d’incubation, etc. ($)

Pre-incubation program: validate your business plan

  • Technical, and commercial validations, market analysis, organizational development, patentability, review of business plan and pitch presentations 

  • Between 10 and 20 hours of consulting services at reduced or free of charge via our partners

  • Development and validation of your proof of concept in our laboratories 

  • Rental of laboratory space for a few hours per week, eligible for MITACS, IRAP, program, incubation voucher, etc

Programme d’adhésion CQIB

  • Démarrer votre labo à compter de 1000$/mois! 

  • Option bureau seulement (20 hrs /semaine, wifi, domiciliation, etc.) 275$/mois 

  • Option co-lab (30 heures de labo / mois, incluant 
    l’option bureau) 1000$/mois

  • Option Co-lab Plus (location 24/7) 1600$/mois

CQIB membership program 

  • Start your lab from $1000/month

  • Office option only (20hrs/week, wifi, domiciliation, etc.) $275/month 

  • Co-lab option (30hrs/month, including the office option) $1000

  • Co-lab Plus option (24/7 rental) $1600/month

C0-lab Program CQIB

Access to a bench in a shared laboratory, including access to scientific equipment, glassware, lab coats, training on equipment, implementation of your SOP access to meeting rooms, coffee and inclusion to all CQIB activities.

Programme d’incubation (nouvelle entreprise ou nouveau projet de R&D)

Location d’un laboratoire de 250 pc à 1100 pc, incluant l’accès au parc d’équipements scientifiques, l’accompagnement technique du lancement de votre laboratoire et la formation aux équipements, le soutien de notre équipe pour le développement de votre entreprise (financement, subvention, exportation, partenariat de R&D), et 50 heures de consultation sans frais avec nos spécialistes en développement des affaires, affaires réglementaires et financement.

Incubation Program (new business or new R&D project)

Rental of a 250 sf (24 m2) to 1100 sf (103 m2) laboratory, including access to the scientific equipment park, technical support for the launch of your laboratory and equipment  training, support from our team for the development of your business (guidance on: financing options, grants, exportation, or R&D partnership), and 50 hours of free consultation with our specialists in business development, regulatory affairs and financing .

Programme international «Soft Landing»

En collaboration avec la Cité de la biotech et Montréal International, ce programme est destiné aux entreprises étrangères désirant débuter une activité de R&D au Canada à petite échelle, permettant la location d’un laboratoire et le soutien au recrutement de personnel et au démarrage. 

Soft Landing Program for international companies

In collaboration with the Cité de la Biotech and Montreal International, this program is intended for foreign companies wishing to launch R&D activities in Canada on a small scale. CQIB provides access to laboratories and support for staffing and other startup needs.

Medxlab Digital Acceleration Program

Medxlab is a business acceleration program carried out jointly with CTS Santé and aims to support the marketing of digital health products to public health networks and major pharmaceutical and health groups (Medtech, insurers). 

Our programs mobilize suppliers, experts and innovators to collaborate on innovative solutions to address challenges facing health care systems, biopharmaceutical companies, medical device manufacturers and insurers.

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Quebec Center for Innovation in Biotechnology (CQIB)

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The CQIB is an incubator for life sciences companies, providing laboratories, offices and a park of advanced scientific equipment

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