Admission to CQIB

Admission to CQIB

Admission to CQIB: a stamp of credibility

The selection process for admission to a business incubator gives value to a start-up project.

In order to admit only scientifically and commercially viable companies, a selection committee bound by a confidentiality agreement evaluates candidates based on certain criteria and general guidelines.

Thanks to its rigour and expertise, CQIB’s selection committee has helped many candidates improve their projects and has guided entrepreneurs with strategic choices made in the first few months of business.

CQIB’s team is on hand to help entrepreneurs prepare their pre-incubation or incubation application.

To ensure the candidate's business project is properly evaluated on a technological, commercial and financial basis, the application must be presented in the form of a business plan. The entrepreneur must also indicate the resources and services expected from CQIB, such as business coaching, space and scientific instrumentation.

For the pre-incubation program, a short written presentation of the technology plan and of the founding team is sufficient.

A fully completed application can be processed in less than 30 days.

Applications may be submitted online or by contacting us directly.


« First and foremost CQIB is a great turn-key-solution for start up companies. Their wealth of knowledge that is passed on is extremely valuable. »

- Jan-Eric W. Ahlfors, President New World Laboratories




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